Pratibha Janani Seva Sansthann is an registered Trust under B.P.T. Act 1950(Reg. No. F47286) since 30th April 2012 in Mumbai 2012 dedicated to different Socio – Economic Development activities for beneficiation (Seva) to Mothers ( Janani ) – who nourish Talents ( Pratibha ) in India directly benefitting women, children and their families every year, through various live welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment, in all over remote villages and slums across 25 states of India. Sansthan is generating resources to save and serve the WOMEN BEHIND HUMAN TALENT.


OUR VISION to educate Mothers and children to live with smile and help others to smile. We are doing different educational, training & empowerment work to empower women.

MOTHERS (Janani) are always respectable for their natural efforts to grow CHILD —- world appreciate TALENT ( Pratibha ) of CHILD when it glitters —–but, very few honour MOTHERS who has nourished that TALENT to grow. We are dedicated to render services with due acknowledgement and honour to MOTHERS who nourish TALENT.

We believe all future MOTHERS be helped to develop strong health and mind, so that TALENTS can be better nourished by developed MOTHERS—-Hence, our vision to inspire all  to join to HELP MOTHERS TO NOURISH TALENTS.


OUR MISSION is to provide Training to Mothers (women) and children to earn their livelihood through participating in different MODEL PROJECTS of socio – economic growth and then to start earning of their own along with further inspiration and training to others in society

we dedicate our activities to spread out through associations with other NGO, SHG, VOLUNTEERS to develop society in sustainable better ways  for beneficiation ( SEVA ) to MOTHERS to nourish TALENTS.



  • We believe : UNITY IS STRENGTH
  • We invite all co-minded NGO, SHG, Corporates, Associations, clubs, Individuals to join hands to success our vision & mision.
  • We request to SPONSOR and/or DONATE and specific event, project, workshop, seminar, OR in general work development.
  • We need Volunteers to work on our behalf in their localitiey for SEARCH TALENTS, AWARNESS and SERVICES.
  • We need suitable condidates who like to build CARRER in social Hoaspitability Services as Full/ Part time workers/ Trainers/ Organisers.