Java Dedicated Server Hosting Features

Intel Xeon Processor Powered
4 GB to 512 GB RAM Options
1 TB / 2 TB / 3 TB / 4 TB SATA Options
480 GB / 960 GB SSD Options
FREE 1 Gbps Port Speed
FREE cPanel / WHM
Tomcat 7.x,Cent OS 6.x / Cloud Linux OS
Arrow Tomcat Plugin, Arrow Platform Apps Bundle

Java Dedicated Server Hosting is powered by Arrow Server Platform. With a combination of Apache and Tomcat your application can run safe and load faster as well. Arrow Server Platform allows you to run your application / portals in bare metal dedicated server hosting as well as cloud server hosting. Supports various flavours of Linux OS like CentOS, Ubuntu, Oracle Linux and control panels like cPanel, plesk. Arrow Shield provides state of the art on demand and on access protection for your dedicated servers. Arrow Apps bundle like Arrow global Load Balancer, Arrow Apps Sync, Arrow DB Sync can scale your application / portal to a High Availability setup instantly.


Operating System

Java Dedicated Server Hosting India Powered By TomcatJava Dedicated Server hosting comes with CentOS 6.x. Ubuntu, Oracle Linux are also available as custom OS options.


Web Server

web-hosting-india-webserverlApache 2.x is the default web server in your Java Dedicated Servers. Tomcat 7.x works as a servlet container. Apache and Tomcat communicate through AJP1.3 and such a combination is safer and much faster.


Database Server & Scripting

dedicated-servers-india-databaseMysql 5.x is the default database server in Java Dedicated Server hosting. Postgres is also available as custom option. Scripting languages include JSP, Servlets, Spring, Struts, PHP 5.x, Perl, Python.


Control Panel

dedicated-server-hosting-india-controlpanelCentOS based Java Dedicated Servers come with cPanel [ View Demo ] . Ubuntu Servers with Plesk [View Demo ].


Email and Spam Protection

web-hosting-india-mailSmart Phone and Blackberry compatible mail boxes. POP3, SMTP and Webmail Access. Virus scanning at network level as well as account level. On demand and On access virus scanning. Advanced anti-spam protection. Arrow Shield IPS protection.



dedicated-server-hosting-india-network1 Gbps port speed hosted in network backbone of 160 Gbps comes standard in all our Linux Dedicated Server configurations.



web-hosting-india-hardwareAll Dedicated Servers are powered by Intel Processor. Various processor options such as Dual Core, Quad Core, Dual Quad Core, Hexa Core, Dual Hexa Core, Dual Octa Core are available. Wide range of SATA disk options such as 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB, 4 TB are available. SSD disk ranges such as 480 GB, 960 GB are also available. RAM options are available from 4 GB to 512 GB. [ Addons to regular configurations are at an additional price. Compatibility has to be checked before arriving at a configuration ].


Java Dedicated Server Hosting Support

dedicated-server-hosting-india-supportWe offers world class support for dedicated server hosting in India through chat, phone and our member portal. Dedicated Server hosting is fully managed, pre-hardened with optimal configuration and security systems in place. All our key dedicated server infrastructure is continuously monitored and more than 300 samples are taken at any given time. Learn more about dedicated server hosting support.