SmartCharts – For B2B Marketers Who Love to Measure

Most digital marketing campaigns which leverage multiple channels, assets and mediums experience a struggle in attaining a holistic view of campaign performance.

And those that are able to successfully attain this data, which is so critical to demonstrating results and developing informed future programs, are wasting significant time and energy crunching the numbers manually via multiple tools.

SmartCharts changes all of this!

SmartCharts illustrates how content actively facilitates the client journey and ultimately assists bottom of funnel conversion.

As most marketers know the “last touch” conversion model misses huge insight into the customer journey. It also leaves on the table the opportunity to demonstrate the true value of the broader mix. SmartCharts gives clear insight into assisted conversions.

SmartCharts integrates with a wide variety of data types and sources such as:

  • Web Traffic Tools – GA, Adobe Site Catalyst
  • Databases – SQL, Amazon, Oracle, Azure
  • Big Data Sources – HANA, Google BigQuery
  • Social API’s – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram
  • Paid Search – Google AdWords, Bing
  • CRM’s – Salesforce
  • Marketing Automation – Pardot
  • Cloud File Storage – Box, Drive, FTP, JSON


SmartCharts High Usage Client

SmartCharts allows granular trending data to be conveyed visually in a single dashboard accessible anytime from any device with a web browser.

SmartCharts maps multiple data sources together and allows for interactive filtering which enables on the fly drill down into campaign performance by multiple attributes including device type, geo data, content platforms, mediums, topics and more.

Imagine having a true understanding of:

  • Which topical themes resonate the best with your audiences
  • How social activity correlates to Website conversions
  • How many marketing qualified leads close as a result of channel penetration

Unencrypted search data can also be provided, rendering irrelevant the dreaded “Not Provided”.

SmartCharts is critical to effectively optimizing your digital mix.

You have the most robust digital marketing tool with SmartCharts!


Analyze Content Performance

Analyze Keyword Topic Performance

SmartCharts: Keyword Topic Performance

Review Top Converting Blog Content and Conversions

SmartCharts: Demo Conversions & Converting Blog Content

Analyze Keyword Glossary Metrics and Insights

SmartCharts: Keyword Glossary Metrics

Identify Users by Device and Top Geo Locations

SmartCharts: Users by Device and Geo


Identify Keyword Opportunities for Your Content

SmartCharts: Keyword Opportunities