Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Driving qualified traffic to your website, blog or other owned digital media properties is one of your core marketing objectives. After all, the more traffic your sites receive the more awareness you garner and the more potential revenue your organization stands to make.

But while driving website traffic is essential, your ultimate goal is converting as many visitors as possible. Conversions — micro or macro — are what lead to sales and more revenue. And that’s where conversion rate optimization (CRO) services from TRUMPADMEDIA can lend a helping hand.

Our CRO tactics help us understand your audience by analyzing how they interact with your website, so we can make recommendations that allow you to anticipate visitors’ needs and optimize their on-site experience.

The bottom line? CRO is all about enhancing the user experience for those you’ve already enticed to come to your website, making the journey to conversion more natural and seamless.

Our Approach to CRO

With the help of several tools and the creation of different testing environments, our CRO experts analyze your website audience through both qualitative and quantitative lenses. In addition, we make an effort to understand your entire digital marketing mix to ensure the recommendations we provide have a more meaningful impact.

In the end, we’ll provide or help you implement tailored recommendations for increasing:

  • Macro-conversions (i.e. direct sales or contacts)
  • Micro-conversions (i.e. email signups or products added to a cart)
  • Engagement metrics (i.e. average time on page and scroll depth)
  • Website usability on desktop and mobile layouts

How Conversion Rate Optimization Works

TRUMPADMEDIA’s team of experts looks at multiple factors to create the best experience for your audience. To do so, we leverage data and several different tactics including:

  • A/B testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Split URL testing
  • Landing page optimization
  • Heat mapping and click tracking
  • Scroll tracking
  • Usability testing
  • Website analytics