Who We Are

Trumpad  Media  has established  itself  as an extraordinary  company  with  a  defined  niche  in  its marketplace. Balancing  the  reliability  of  an  industry  titan  with  a  friendly  small  company  feel, Trumpad  Media   perfects    its  unique  ability  to  cater  to  any  business  partner.  The  development  of a  solid  reputation  through  its  past successes  and  tremendous  customer  service  is  what propels  Trumpadmedia,  into  its  continued  growth.

Our  commitment  to  order  accuracy  and  customer  service  will  help  you  get  exactly  what  you need  right  when  you  need  it.  You  can  count  on  us  to  help  you  get  the  job  done.

We are team of creative and dedicated professionals. We think out of box and Blow You Trumpet around the globe.

Our dedicated professional team is ready to assist you to select right category help and services as per your specific purpose to save your time, energy, money and to gain maximum possible profit with less strain.



To develop and manage talent;
To apply that talent,
Throughout the world,
For the benefit of clients;
To do so in partnership;
To do so with profit.

Within media house, our clients have access to companies with all the necessary marketing and communications skills; companies with strong and distinctive cultures of their own; famous names, many of them.

TRUMPADMEDIA complements these companies in three distinct ways:

  • We relieve our companies of much administrative work. Financial matters (such as planning, budgeting, reporting, control, treasury, tax, mergers, acquisitions, investor relations) are co-ordinated centrally. This frees us to devote their time to the pursuit of professional excellence.
  • We encourage and enable our team of different disciplines to work together, for the benefit of clients and the satisfaction of our people.
  • A recent development, and for a minority of clients, Trumpadmedia itself can function as the 21st century equivalent of the full-service agency, acting as a portal to provide a single point of contact and accountability.


Multiple solutions under one roof —— Grow your business  with  our association ——  Register  to  work as community  in selected  group of products —– Be connected  with local, national, global  co minded even working nature group to get chances to grow together with mutual help and benefit.

What We Do

Within Trumpadmedia, our clients have access to us with all the necessary marketing and communications skills. We comprises leading professional team in all these disciplines:

Global, national and specialist advertising services from a range of top international and specialist agencies.

Media Investment Management 
Above- and below-the-line media planning and buying and specialist sponsorship and branded entertainment services. 

Data Investment Management (formerly known as Consumer Insight)
We and other specialists in brand, consumer, media and marketplace insight, work with clients to generate and apply great insights.

Public Relations & Public Affairs 
Corporate, consumer, financial and brand-building services from PR and lobbying firms.

Branding & Identity 
Consumer, corporate and employee branding and design services, covering identity, packaging, literature, events, training and architecture. 

Direct, Digital, Promotion & Relationship Marketing 
The full range of general and specialist customer, channel, direct, field, retail, promotional and point-of-sale services. 

Specialist Communications
A comprehensive range of specialist services, from custom media and multicultural marketing to event, sports, youth and entertainment marketing; corporate and business-to-business; media, technology and production services.

Trumpadmedia Digital 
Through Trumpadmedia Digital, we and our clients have access to a portfolio of digital experts. 

How we behave

We and its our operating team has as their core values honesty, integrity and respect for people. These core values determine the way we approach business and they define the principles in which we expect our people to behave in the conduct of our business.

Corporate governance

Our Board is committed to high standards of corporate governance and supports the provisions and principles set out in the Combined Code on Corporate Governance.

How we buy

We purchase goods and services from thousands of suppliers around the world for advertising production, research operations, facilities, IT and telecoms, travel and entertainment, and professional and recruitment services.

What we expect from suppliers
We aim to select and work with suppliers that protect the environment, meet high standards on employment practices and commit to acting ethically in all aspects of their business. Managing environmental, social and governance risks in our supply chain is important both for ourselves and for our clients.

How we select suppliers
We evaluate all potential new suppliers against a set of business requirements before they can become a trumpadmedia supplier. These include assurance of supply, quality, service, cost, innovation and sustainability. Our sustainability criteria cover six areas: policy, senior responsibility, materiality and issues identification, reporting, supply chain and anti-bribery and corruption. Once selected, all our business partners and suppliers are asked to sign a copy of the  trumpadmedia code of business conduct for suppliers to confirm they will abide by its principles.